Empowerment Coaching for Adults – Testimonials

“Deb supported me as a whole person through every phase of my 2+ year transition. Initially, she helped me gather the confidence to build a network of contacts to explore how I might keep my foot in the professional world while having the flexibility to pursue other life interests. Using insightful questions, she helped me imagine the life I wanted to be living and saw me through the emotionally difficult process of disengaging from my long-term position. Once I made my transition, she continued to support me as I moved into my new world until I no longer needed support. Throughout the process, she was responsive and informative. She conveyed a feeling of deep care and attention. She was truly my transition midwife and helped to make this rebirthing experience as joyful and painless as possible.

I recommend Deb to anyone who is in transition. She is a wise woman and a great professional friend.”
With great respect, E.M.


“I learned of Deb Chisholm and her coaching services through a highly-respected medical professional in Burlington. I wasn’t sure about what to expect from a life coach, but based on the recommendation, I was more than willing to give it a try!

I have been working with Deb for a number of years, and primarily sought her assistance in managing my ADHD life challenges. Being the mother of two young girls who had also been diagnosed with ADHD at the time, life felt like one big circus. (Thankfully, my husband does not have these challenges, but they impact every aspect of one’s life, including marriage and parenting.)

Deb is warm, approachable, non-judgmental and above all, experienced and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She has a great sense of humor, and puts you immediately at ease. Meeting with her gives me a chance to slow my mind, and to talk out immediate issues that are weighing on me. Deb is an exceptional listener, and helps me to sort out everything that is jumbled in my mind, so I can determine my priorities. She is great at thinking “outside the box” and has helped me countless times in finding a course of action that I hadn’t considered, resulting in a most positive impact on the matter at hand.

Deb has provided support and insight in dealing with caretaking for elderly parents, grief work, extreme anxiety, depression, ADHD, and parenting, among others. I have absolutely no hesitation in confiding in her about personal matters, and I trust her implicitly. In addition to the value she brings, she also has a vast source of experienced contacts with whom she has personal experience, and she willingly shares them when the need arises. (I should also note that there is no outright nor implied obligation to seek assistance from them.)

Overall, I cannot emphatically recommend Deb enough! She is truly a gem, and I am fortunate to have had her wise counsel through some of my most difficult life moments.”

Lisa L.