Kids’ Confidence Coaching with MePower™

As a certified Life Coach (International Association of Coaching) and 40+ years as a parent educator and school counselor, Deb powerfully combines these skills in her approach working with kids and parents. Coaching has been proven time and again to bring sustainable results for clients — it is engaging, thoughtful, and tailored to the individual’s or group’s needs.

Children meet weekly with Deb for approximately 10-12 sessions. They learn all of the MePower™ concepts and skills. Most importantly, they are now ready to use their MePower™ in situations that overwhelmed them.

The last 10-15 minutes parents join each session. Children teach their parents what they learned about MePower™ in that meeting (Deb helps too!). This gives parents what they need to better support their child in conversations about challenging situations. Having the common language of MePower™ makes all the difference!

Deb offers a complimentary session for parents to meet her and learn more about her work with children.

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A Note from Deb…

I love giving kids the concepts and skills they need to “take charge,” make their best decisions, and most importantly, act on them. I also trust kids’ hearts: they all are kind, caring and positive when they make choices that come from their hearts.

What does it mean to truly empower kids? I believe this lies in teaching them the process and structure that help them realize the power they have to do the right thing. It is also about each child listening to their heart and being their true selves – feeling confident in who they are and knowing the strengths each has to contribute in a positive way.

I look forward to sharing these successful and empowering tools with you and your child!




“I truly can’t thank you enough! Our son has only visited with you once but now has a spring in his step, a smile on his face, and no trepidation getting on the bus to go to school. I am amazed! Me Power™ is such an amazing program. Emmitt has even stated that he ‘can’t wait to see you again next week’! What your program is already doing for him and what I’m confident will be the end result, I’m nothing but grateful. I have had fears that our sensitive and kindhearted boy would be taken advantage of in his life because he wouldn’t have the tools or the courage to speak for himself. My fears are bleeding away moment by moment now. So again, I say with a glad and sincere heart, thank you!”
Larry & Michelle

“Me Power is all about making positive choices and believing in yourself! Deb, your lessons about the A-B-C of Me Power were inspiring and powerful for the students in my class. Me Power helped (them) solve problems.”
Cathy O., grade 1-2 Teacher

“(Me Power) has been a great success on me. It helps me stay in control and make up my own mind.”
Y.B., 10 yrs. old

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