MePower™ Training Programs – Testimonials

(Prior to attending your MePower™ training, my concerns and fears were….)

– Will he be coerced into doing things that he knows is wrong or doesn’t want to do?
      o How can I help prevent this?
      o How can I give him the skills to stand up for himself or get himself out of that situation?
      o How can I help him know what to look for in making a good friend versus maybe a popular or “cool” friend?
      o In what other ways can I protect his innocence while allowing him to grow past the age of innocence?
– If he is sees someone else being pushed around (both physically or verbally) how can I help him be a good ally?

Mainly, I just wanted to provide him with some skills of how to navigate difficult situations. In preschool, there were teachers around all the time to help and step in at any time. In the school world, teachers are always around/available, but that doesn’t mean that they always hear or see what is happening (no fault to them). Students need to be able to learn independence and figure things out on their own. It’s a healthy part of their development. I felt like the things I heard from you in the Me Power workshop gave me tools to speak to my son about how he could be confident in himself with concrete things to do in a variety of situations.

It definitely helped! Within the first week of school we had two incidents where we were able to walk through what happened and found his confidence that changed the outcome the very next days.

Sara Robertson-Ryan
Director of School Age Programs

“I have seen children learning to assert themselves: something that I wish I had learned to do as a child. Children are standing up for their beliefs and influencing others in positive ways. (As a parent) I feel that I now have a ‘system’ that my daughter and I can work on together.”

Christina Maynard, Music Education (K-6) and parent

“Me Power is all about making positive choices and believing in yourself! Deb, your lessons about the A-B-C of Me Power were inspiring and powerful for the students in my class. Me Power helped (them) solve problems. It’s amazing to see 6,7, and 8 year olds speak up for what they believe is the right thing to do. After making their Me Power stones, many held them in their hand to help them concentrate or deal with big feelings. It served as a reminder….I have a choice.”

Cathy O’Brien, 1-2 Classroom Teacher