More About Deb’s MePower® Program

MePower® helps us use our heads and act from our hearts.

Harmony in your family is possible…because when you show up in your parent role being real and true to your values, you are “living” your personal power.

MePower® is a comprehensive empowerment program for the whole family, starting with you, the parent. As you are learning and applying concepts and skills, you teach them to your children. They are invited to participate in using their MePower® too. Strategies for teaching them are developmentally appropriate and engaging.

Complementing the MePower® Program are selected topics chosen to meet your family’s needs. These may include Fixed/Growth Mindset, how our brains work, Encouragement, Thought Cycle and Self Efficacy.

A complimentary session gives you the opportunity to learn more about this successful parenting program and how it can help your family be more cooperative, appreciative, and have more fun together!

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“Michelle and I want to thank you so much for MePower. We have seen our son go from a boy that didn’t know how to speak up for himself, to his own detriment, to a boy that can now stand up and speak for his own convictions, ideas, and for others who don’t know they have MePower. We are so grateful that we have had the opportunity and the joy to spend time with you and learn your methods of empowerment.

I’m a believer in MePower and would recommend your program highly!”

Larry and Michelle