Empowerment Coaching for Kids – Testimonials

“(Me Power) has been a great success on me. It helps me stay in control and make up my own mind.”
Y.B., 10 yrs. old

“I really like all of Me Power. I think Me Power helps me because if I did not know that you have Me Power when I was being bullied I would be too afraid.”
D.S., 9 yrs. old

“Me Power is a thing inside of you that helps you have courage when you need to stand up to a bully.”
M.N., 10 yrs. old

“I would say it (MP) means to Assert, Believe, and use Courage. That’s Me Power. It helps me to remember and support me so when someone is being mean I stand up – Assert, Believe and use Courage.”
E.B., 11 yrs. old

“Me Power helps children deal with challenging situations and be their true selves in that it gives (them) a common language that is meaningful. The A-B-C is an easy acronym for children to remember and they truly believe that they have Me Power, the Assertion, Beliefs and Courage that are theirs.”
Denette Locke, 1-2 Classroom Teacher

“I have seen children learning to assert themselves: something that I wish I had learned to do as a child. Children are standing up for their beliefs and influencing others in positive ways. (As a parent) I feel that I now have a ‘system’ that my daughter and I can work on together.”
Christina Maynard, Music Education (K-6) and parent

“Me Power is all about making positive choices and believing in yourself! Deb, your lessons about the A-B-C of Me Power were inspiring and powerful for the students in my class. Me Power helped (them) solve problems. It’s amazing to see 6,7, and 8 year olds speak up for what they believe is the right thing to do. After making their Me Power stones, many held them in their hand to help them concentrate or deal with big feelings. It served as a reminder….I have a choice.”
Cathy O’Brien, 1-2 Classroom Teacher

“I truly can’t thank you enough! Our son has only visited with you once but now has a spring in his step, a smile on his face, and no trepidation getting on the bus to go to school. I am amazed! Me Power™ is such an amazing program. Emmitt has even stated that he ‘can’t wait to see you again next week’! What your program is already doing for him and what I’m confident will be the end result, I’m nothing but grateful. I have had fears that our sensitive and kindhearted boy would be taken advantage of in his life because he wouldn’t have the tools or the courage to speak for himself. My fears are bleeding away moment by moment now. So again, I say with a glad and sincere heart, thank you!”
Larry & Michelle